You’ve got to get back to your roots, so more branches can grow

-Jay Allan (Roots, Bridges & Branches)

Colorado-born and Phoenix, AZ based singer/songwriter Jay Allan is continuously getting back to his roots. Whether they be musical, of family & friends or that of his own adventurous heart & soul, Jay’s roots are what have brought him to where he is today. As he sees it and expresses through his music and art, it is a very joyous, inspirational, yet perpetually growing and kinetic place in life. Jay has been playing and performing for over 15 years and has made music his sole profession for the past 5 years. With eight albums and counting under his musical belt, multiple projects, countless shows and tours (local, national and international) including sharing the stage with numerous influential people, Jay Allan is quite the experienced and motivated little songster. Add to all that his recent marriage and the arrival of his beautiful baby girl and you’ve got the makings of a radiantly happy Jay.

Jay Allan plays what is known to his fans as funky-folk, blues rock. Channeling honest passion and raw emotion through his own life and observations, he continues to gain fans and notoriety locally and nationally. He combines heartfelt and memorable lyrics with genre-bending styles and melodies in his long list of ever-evolving original songs that range from that of joy, love, loss, gratitude and searching and are often outlined with an insightful and sometimes humorous touch. While remaining true to his own roots, Jay often taps into and pays homage to such influences as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, The Black Crowes and far too many artists and songwriters, old and new, to name. You could say Jay relishes in the inspiration brought on by his favorite artists.

Jay Allan has been part of the recording and collaboration of eight albums with projects such as Delcoa, Nameless Prophets, Jay and Ash, Rebus and his most recent venture, Jay Allan & The Uncommon Good. Jay has performed in venues and festivals big and small in 30+ states across the United States and has also performed in Mexico, Costa Rica and the British Virgin Islands. He has shared the studio and stage with countless acts including Michael Franti & Spearhead, Umphrey’s Mcgee, Martin Sexton, Tony Lucca, Ryan Montbleau and many more. Notably, he was recently invited to the “blind auditions” for Season 6 of NBC’s “The Voice”. Jay finds peace and solace providing lessons in guitar and songwriting along with working with various charities and community benefits.

With his roots strong and regularly enriched and nourished, Jay Allan’s musical and personal branches continue to flourish and grow. Along with exciting new records coming in the fall of 2014, a new project: Jay Allan & The Uncommon Good, his continuous local and national tours and a huge smile and heart yearning to connect with the world around him, Jay Allan is charging towards the bright horizon in front of him.

As Jay would say, “Until the next, much love and light!”


Jay Allan 602-920-7708