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Jun 24 2014

The Uncommon Good


What is “The Uncommon Good“?

It’s YOU! It’s ME! It’s US!!

Basically, THE UNCOMMON GOOD is the ever-rotating band of incredible musicians that play with Jay Allan. But, it is even more than that! It’s the vibe, the crowd and everything that comes with a Jay Allan musical experience. If you are there and enjoying yourself, you are part of The Uncommon Good! We are in this together!! 🙂

Every Wednesday you can see Jay Allan & The Uncommon Good full band shows at Sandbar Desert Ridge ( from 6:30pm-9:30pm!! There are many more shows coming as we get ready for a NEW RECORD!! More to come on that soon…

These are some of the usual suspects of The Uncommon Good:
Jayson Johnson (mind-blowing face-melting guitar wizard)
Nathan Marshall (smile-inducing guru of the low-end)
Tony King(tub banging ambassador of awesome)
Geoff Jouas (with his secret “stache” of sweet beats)
Jay Poole (you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it guitar mastery)

There are many many more musical friends and components of The Uncommon Good and they will be featured as we blog on so keep checking back here!

Go to the shows page and come be a part of The Uncommon Good!!

Until the next, much love and light….

Jun 3 2014


Welcome to!!

My name is Jay Allan, but you must know that already since you are here at my website/blog!
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