Latest News

So excited to announce new music for your ears from Jay Allan and from JTM3!! Go to Spotify, Apple Music or anywhere music is streamed and search for Jay Allan and check out my new song “Supposed To Be”!! Search for JTM3 and check out some live songs that we are releasing every few weeks from our show at Last Exit Live on 1-26-2020 (just before the world got turned upside down)! Please listen and share the tracks with those who you think will dig it!!

Much love and Thank you for your support always my friendly friends!!

Excited to get this year rolling with some great new upcoming shows at new and old favorite venues!! Also, there will be some new Jay Allan singles coming in the next month and some live JTM3 coming in the next month and a studio EP coming in the spring!!

Also if you want a “friendly friend” sticker (pictured), send me a message and I will get one out to ya 🙂

Stay tunes for details!! Take care of each other and be kind and loving!! I love you my friendly friends!!